Seattle Pump & Equipment now provides to our valued customers a wide selection of save, bio-degradable and environmental friendly chemicals, as well as, high quality concentrated chemicals and degreasers for a variety of applications. Our products have been manufactured locally utilizing water based formulas that have been used successfully here in the Northwest for over 35 years!

ATTENTION CHEMICAL BUYERS: If you use chemicals or detergents MANUFACTURED outside the state of Washington (Even chemicals sold through local companies) Seattle Pump And Equipment CAN save you 10% to 75% on the cost of chemicals.

For Example: A car dealership was buying a floor cleaner from Indiana and paying $300.00 per 55 gallon drum. Our drum of SP-29 EXTRA HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER / FLOOR CLEANER cost $549.00

The savings are in the DETAILS!

Most chemicals made outside our state are watered down to cover the cost of freight… Our chemicals are made locally and are much more concentrated. Our drum lasted 5 times longer than the one from Indiana! 5 X $300.00 = 1500.00 subtract the $549.00 cost of our SP-29 you save $951.00. This is just 1 of many examples of how Seattle Pump and Equipment can help you reduce costs and increase profits.


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