Vac Truck Zip Tube

Vac Truck Zip Tube

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Forget traditional excavation methods—let Zip Tubes do the work for you! These high-powered hydro erosion and excavation nozzles use pressurized water to do the digging‚ minimizing the costly risk of cutting through underground utilities. Simply connect its 1" FPT swivel connection to your water line. The Zip Tube uses an external steel water ring with 12 stainless steel replaceable jets to pulverize through soil. It then sucks up the debris using a vacuum system (not included).

All Zip Tubes are constructed of a 0.1"-walled 8"-dia x 71"-long Tuff Tube™. The handle adjusts up to 39"‚ while a rubber bump stop protects the jets from rocks‚ debris and underground services. A rubber safety tube attached to the water ring helps control the spray‚ protecting you from debris splatter. Choose from three connection options to best suit your application. Each model weighs 45 lbs.

 UEMSI Part# Size/Description:
ZIP-A-6” Tube w/ 6” female Aquatech connection

Tube w/ 8” female Aquatech connection

ZIP-F-6” Tube w/ 6” Vactor flange connection
ZIP-F Tube w/ 8” Vactor flange connection
ZIP-F-6”/8” Tube 6” w/8” Vactor flange connection
ZIP-SP-6” Tube w/ 6” female Super Products Bandlock
ZIP-SP Tube w/ 8” female Super Products Bandlock
U40797L Replacement jet - Straight Angle
U40797L-10 Replacement jet - 10° Angle