Debris Grabbers, Hooks, Claws, Shovels, Spoons, Magnets

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Debris Grabbers, Hooks, Claws, Shovels, Spoons, Magnets

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Southland Tool


Description: Type:
4PG-1 4 Pronged Debris Grabber 8" Wide 8" Width
3PG-1 3 Pronged Debris Grabber 6" Wide 6" Width
BITZ-R 12" Long Bitz Rake.  Great for Getting Material Out of Invert and Can Be Inserted Into Pipe for Catching Hanging Material. 12" Length
CRW-1 Craw for Attaching to Poles, Includes Instructions, Craw, Rope, PVC Stay, One-Way Cleat and Hardware.  Everything Needed to Connect to Fiberglass Poles and Extend to 24' and Up, Depending on the Desired Length.
SR3-1 3 Pronged 90° Rake 90°
PS-1 9" Diameter Rounded Catch Basin Spoon.  Connects to All SouthLand Tool Poles 9" Diameter
CAM-1 Camera Gaffing Hook.  Tested to 200LBS.
CAM-2 Small Diameter Camera Gaffing Hook 3" 3"
SMAG-1 Sewer Magnet, 100LBS. Capacity, an Overall Metal Retriever.  Great Tool for Retrieving Lost Tools, Can Lift Valve Covers and Comes with Steel Protective Plate.
SIS-1 Invert Shovel Attachment.  Attaches to All to All SouthLand Tool Pole Systems.  Great for Digging and Moving Debris in Invert.
FS-IT Flat Shovel Attachment Attaches to all Southland Tool Pole Systems
GH-1 Grappling Hook with 25' of Poly Hose, 3 Prong