ENZ 1-1/4" Bulldog® Antiblast Nozzle

ENZ 1-1/4" Bulldog® Antiblast Nozzle

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The ENZ 1 1/4" Bulldog® Antiblast Nozzle was designed specifically to prevent blowing toilets while jetting in residential areas.  Cleaning sewer lines when near home installations brings the risk of pressure equalization through toilets and traps.  This happens from negative pressure arising ahead of the nozzle if the installations are not correct or venting is not working properly.  For this reason, enz® collaborated with a prestigious technical institute to develop and test the Bulldog® Antiblast.   This nozzle is good for 6" to 23.5" pipe.

 Available in: 

ENZ Part# Size NPT Description Nozzle Length and Width Weight GPM PSI
600.100B 1 1/4" Bulldog® Antiblast  6R X M10    3 Side X M10  3 Side X M10  4.5" X 10.0" 17.00 lbs 53 1160