ENZ 1-1/4" KBR Rotating Combination Nozzles

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The ENZ 1 1/4" KBR Rotating Combination Nozzle is excellent for flushing pipes as well as adjoining lateral pipes at any angle.  The KBR nozzles combined 2 radial jets at a 90° angle and 2 semi-radial retro-jets at a 45° angle.  As a result, the KBR nozzles combine excellent cleaning efficiency with low water consumption.

This combination allows both a forward thrust of the nozzle while simultaneously flushing away debris.  It is designed to remove plastic deposits, soap, sludge and small hair roots in 8" to 24" pipe.  Also used to clean heat exchangers and grease lines in restaurant districts.


 Available in: 

ENZ Part# Size NPT Description Nozzle Length and Width Weight GPM PSI
04.100B 1" KBR Rotating Combination 3R X M10  4Side X M10  4.0" X 7.0" 16.22 lbs. 53 3625