ENZ 1/2" Grenade Bomb Nozzles

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ENZ 1/2" Grenade Bomb Nozzles are made of wear-resistant hardened steel. Two different jet angles of 10° and 30° perform together providing strong traction and effective cleaning.  The high efficiency is reached by appropriate water guidance.  Good for removal of stone, gravel and soft deposits and cleaning pipes before using a chain flail head or cutter.  Good for use in 2" to 6" pipe.

For optimal around cleaning, the nozzles 40.075 to 42.125A can be equipped with fan jet ceramic inserts.

 Available in: 

ENZ Part# Size NPT Description Nozzle Length and Width Weight Jet Degrees GPM PSI
40.050 1/2" Standard Cleaning 6R X M8  1F X M8 1.9" X 3.5"  1.9 lbs. 25°R/15°F 13 5075
42.050 1/2" Standard Cleaning Fanjet  3R X M8   3R X Fanjet M8 1.9" X 3.5"  1.9 lbs. 25°R/15°F 13 5075