ENZ  1/2" Radial Rotating 75° Nozzles

ENZ 1/2" Radial Rotating 75° Nozzles

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The ENZ  1/2" Radial Rotating 75° Nozzles are equipped with 4 radial jets for pipe cleaning and 3 thrust jets for the advance which at the same time flush away the loosened residues.  As a result, pipe ducts of all kinds, even with cross holes, will be cleaned.

The moving part of the Enz Golden Jet nozzle rotates at a limited speed.  These water jets hit the pipe wall directly with great impact, resulting in excellent cleaning capacity.   This nozzle is good for cleaning perforated drain pipes, lateral pipes, solid deposits and cleaning of lift stations and wet wells in 2.5" to 6" pipe (01.040) or 4" to 8" pipe (01.050A).

 Available in: 

ENZ Part# Size NPT Description Nozzle Length and Width Weight GPM PSI
01.040 1/2" RGS Radial  3R X M6    4Side X M6     1.6" X 3.1"  1.25 lbs. 11 5075
01.050A 1/2" RGS Radial  3R X M6    4Side X M6 2.0" X 3.9"  2.45 lbs. 18 5075