ENZ 1" Bulldog Recycling Rotating Nozzles

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The ENZ 1" Bulldog Recycling Rotating Nozzle has been designed for operation with recycling water and fresh water.  The cleverly built sliding bearing allows the use of every kind of recycled water.  An integrated oil-free braking system results in a low wear and tear operation and in controlled numbers of oration.  In this way a most efficient and economic pipe cleaning is achieved.  The bore of the nozzle insert determines the admissible size of the dirt particles up to a maximum of 0.04".  This nozzle easy to handle, is virtually maintenance-free and is good for use in 4" to 12" pipe (400.060A), 5" to 16" pipe (404.080HS100), 7" to 16" pipe (402.080HS150) or 8" to 24" pipe (400.101A).  Transport and water costs are noticeably reduced.

 Available in: 

ENZ Part# Size NPT Description Nozzle Length and Width Weight GPM PSI
404.080HS100 1" Bulldog Recycling  6 Side X M10     1F X M10   (6R X M8 Optional) 3.9" X 8.7"  8.22 lbs 53 2900
402.080HS150 1" Bulldog Recycling  6 Side X M10     1F X M10   (6R X M8 Optional) 5.9" X 10.2"  12.82 lbs 53 2900
400.101A 1" Bulldog Recycling  6R X M10    3 Side X M10  (2 Side X M10 from 80 GPM)    1F X M10 5.0" X 10.0" 16.00 lbs 53 2900