ENZ  1" Ejector Nozzles

ENZ 1" Ejector Nozzles

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The ENZ  1" Ejector Nozzle these tools are outstanding in their enormous flushing capacity,  Their main application is cleaning large, fully surcharged pipes and drains bigger than 10".  The specific arrangement of nozzle inserts ensures that cleaning is done carefully because the nozzle jets do not work directly against the pipe wall.  As a result, this tool is also appropriate for cleaning older channel systems.

It integrates the heavy water flow in pipes and channels into the flushing and cleaning process.  The water volume usable for cleaning is enhanced to five times the actual pump capacity.  A pump of 80 GPM increase the flushing capacity of the nozzle to 400 GPM.  As a result enormous quantities of sand and gravel can be removed fast and efficiently.  The 1" Ejector nozzle is good for 8" to 20" pipe (80.100) and 16" to 60" pipe (80.100A).

 Available in: 

ENZ Part# Size NPT Description Nozzle Length and Width Weight GPM PSI
80.100 1" Ejector  6R X M6     11.8" X 6.3" X 4.7" 16.45 lbs. 53 3625
80.100A 1" Ejector  6R X M6 15.9" X 10.2" X 8.1" 50.0 lbs. 60 3625