ENZ 1" HRV Semi-Radial Forward Rotating Nozzles

ENZ 1" HRV Semi-Radial Forward Rotating Nozzles

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The ENZ 1" HRV Semi-Radial Rotating Nozzle has 4-retroacting cutting-jets at a forward angle of 45°.  As a result, , this nozzle must either be equipped with extra thrust jets or be mounted on a lance.  The forward jets disintegrate most any residue and flush the debris ahead of the nozzle.   This nozzle is designed for Core-flushing of steel pipes during hydraulic thrust-boring, cleaning residential lateral pipes  from inside the house out to the mainline and removal of ice in manholes in 4" to 12" pipe (03.060) or 8" to 24" pipe (03.100A).


 Available in: 

ENZ Part# Size NPT Description Nozzle Length and Width Weight GPM PSI
03.060 1" HRV Semi-Radial  3R X M8        4Side X M8  2.4" X 4.4" 3.55 lbs. 26 3625
03.100A 1" HRV Semi-Radial  3R X M10        4Side X M10  4.0" X 7.1" 16.45 lbs. 53 3625