ENZ 1" HRH Semi-Radial Rotating Nozzles

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The ENZ 1" HRH Semi-Radial Rotating Nozzle has 4-retroacting cutting-jets at an angle of 45°, which provide the cleaning energy as well as the thrust in one function, resulting in a low water consumption, while maximizing cleaning and flushing.  With sufficient water capacity, optional thrust jets can facilitate upward cleaning.  This nozzle is good for cleaning pipes for camera inspection, removing mineral deposits, grease, sludge and removal of fine hair roots in 4" to 12" (02.060) pipe or 8" to 24" pipe (02.100A).


 Available in: 

ENZ Part# Size NPT Description Nozzle Length and Width Weight GPM PSI
02.060 1" HRH Semi-Radial  3R X M8        4Side X M8   2.4" X 4.4"  3.55 lbs. 16 3625
02.100A 1" HRH Semi-Radial  3R X M10        4Side X M10    4.0" X 7.1" 16.45 lbs. 53 3625