ENZ 3/4" Bulldozer Nozzle

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The ENZ  3/4" Bulldozer Nozzle has a hydrostatic test chamber, herewith reducing water turbulence and improving the flow dynamic to the ceramic inserts.  The result is a compact, aggressive and most effective water jet not attained up to now.  An optional forward jet, on all Enz-Bulldozer Nozzles, clears the debris ahead of the advancing unit.  If desired, the front-jet can be closed by a blind plug.  Two additional nozzles, set slightly higher, clean the sides of the channel.  The Bulldozer has enormous flushing capacity, immense water acceleration and low compact design for use in 8" to 20" pipe.  Also, replaceable skids give the Bulldozer excellent gliding ability.

 Available in: 

ENZ Part# Size NPT Description Nozzle Length and Width Weight GPM PSI
50.075G 3/4" Bulldozer 4R X M10    2R X FanJet M10    1F X M10 15.7" X 5.9" X 4.3" 26.67 lbs. 26 3625