ENZ 3/4" Rotopuls Vibration Nozzle

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The ENZ 3/4" Rotopuls Vibration Nozzle is provided with an eccentrically supported rotor, which produces very fast vibrations and pulsating jets.  The resulting pulsations become so strong that deposits up to 4" thickness are disintegrated.  In many cases, Rotopuls nozzles can replace the use of Percussion Milling Cutters or Rotating Chain Scrapers.  

Important:  Rotopuls nozzles develop strong hydraulic impacts and vibrations.  This can possibly cause damage in some pipes (i.e. clay pipes, thin-walled plastic pipes or PVC pipes).  Therefore, it is important that Rotopuls Nozzles are only used in Steel, Cement, and Thick Walled Polyethylene pipes.  This nozzle is good for 4" to 8" pipes. 

 Available in: 

ENZ Part# Size NPT Description Nozzle Length and Width Weight GPM PSI
04.050AE 3/4" Rotopuls Vibration  3R X M6-4 Side X M6-(Front Jet Optional) 2.0" X 3.9" 2.18 lbs 18 3625