ENZ  3/4" Standard Cleaning Nozzles

ENZ 3/4" Standard Cleaning Nozzles

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ENZ 3/4" Standard Cleaning Nozzles are made of wear-resistant, hardened steel, provided with front jet insert and blind plug (interchangeable). Angle of jet is 30°, sturdy wall thickness, long service life and a minimum of wear and tear.  These nozzles are appropriate for removal of sludge deposits and clogging and are good from 2.8" to 10" pipe.

All 3/4" nozzles provided with ceramic inserts.  Because of this, the efficiency is considerably higher compared with those nozzles with drilled holes and the service life is several times longer.

 Available in: 

ENZ Part# Size NPT Description Nozzle Length and Width Weight Jet Degrees GPM PSI
30.075SL160 3/4" Standard Cleaning 6R X 2.45 mm 1.4" X 2.4"  0.52 lbs. 30° 42 5075
35.075SL160 3/4" Standard Cleaning 6R X 2.2 mm  4F X 1.7 mm 1.4" X 2.4"  0.52 lbs. 30°R/15°F 42 5075
30.075 3/4" Standard Cleaning 6R X M6   1F X M6 1.5" X 2.36"  0.5 lbs. 30°R/15°F 13 5075
36.075** 3/4" Standard Cleaning Rotodrill 6R X M8    1F X 1.5 mm 1.5" X 2.36"  0.74 lbs. 30°R/15°F 20 5075