Power Rod Trailer Parts

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Power Rod Trailer Parts

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Southland Tool


RR-1-4 Lower Manhole Rigid Rod Guide.  Connects to 1.5" Pipe to Allow Rods to Enter Sewer at the Correct Angle
RR-1-5 Foot Jack Support. Fits on the Ends of Guide
RR-1-6 Back Jack Support.  Keeps Pressure in the Guide System by Supporting the Guide Against Back Wall of Manhole.
RR-1-7 Manhole Jack Support.  Used to Support the 1.5" Guide Tube Against the Manhole Ring.
RR-1-8 Complete Manhole Set-Up Kit with 21' of Galvanized Pipe in Sections with RR-1-4, RR-1-5, RR-1-6 and RR-1-7.
H-10-1 Carry All Trailer.  Carries Tools, Rods and Power Drive to the Job site.  Includes a Lockable Tool Box and an Open Tool Box and Comes with Standard 2" Ball Hitch
H-11-1 Stop, Tail and Turning Lights
H-12-1 Pintle Ring Hitch
H-13-1 Electric Brakes