Rod Guide Hose Accessories

Rod Guide Hose Accessories

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Rod Guide Hose Accessories

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Southland Tool


HGB Hose Guide Bell
SPB Single Prong Brace with Chain and Rope
SPR Single Prong Brace with Ring and Rope
HGS Hose Guide Stand
SME Steel Male Stand
SFE Steel Female for Hose Guide Bell
SCL-1 Steel Female X Female Straight Coupler
SCL-2 Set of Steel End Hose Clamps
SCL-3 Aluminum Bell End for Hose Guide
SCL-4 Aluminum Male End for Hose Guide
SCL-5 Insert Guide
SCL-6 Lightweight Hose with Flex-Metallic Liner (Per Foot)
SCL-7 Heavy Duty Hose with Flex-Metallic Liner (Per Foot)
SCL-8 Flex-Metallic Liner Only  (Per Foot)