Septic Cleaning Tools

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Septic Cleaning Tools with 3/8" Female NPT

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Southland Tool


Description: Size:
SV-5 9" Curved Spud (TOP LEFT PIC) 9"
SV-1 9" Sludge Hoe with 2 Holes (TOP MIDDLE PIC) 9"
SV-3 9" Sludge Spud (TOP RIGHT PIC) 9"
SV-6 15" Curved Spud (MIDDLE LEFT PIC) 15"
SV-2 15" Sludge Hoe with 2 Holes (CENTER PIC) 15" 
SV-4 15" Sludge Spud (MIDDLE RIGHT PIC) 15"
SV-8 12" Sludge Rake with 2 Holes and Teeth (BOTTOM LEFT PIC) 12"
SV-7 16" Half Moon Tank Scraper (BOTTOM RIGHT PIC) 16"
FE-1 Adapter to Connect Fiberglass Poles
GH-1 3 Prong Grappling Hook with 25' Rope