3/4" Intruder nozzle

3/4" Intruder nozzle

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Intruder nozzle with 3/4" FPT connection, is a missile-shaped heat-treated steel alloy nozzle equipped with built-in skids, helping center the nozzle in pipe and with all manufacturing elements intended to extend nozzle life. Used to create a path through debris in the bottom of pipe such as root masses, gravel, sand, soap and grease and anything else a heavy duty nozzle application is needed for. Performs best in pipe up to 18” diameter. The three replaceable rear jets are set at a 12° angle and are of stainless steel construction. These can be upgraded to tungsten carbide for longer life. The front nozzle has a front jet to pierce through debris. This is a very efficient nozzle and is available for sewer cleaning machines up to 80 GPM at up to 3000 PSI pump pressure. Replacement jet orifices are available.




  • Rear jet angle: 12°
  • Diameter: 3 3/4”
  • Length: 14 1/4”
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Made in the USA.

Available in: 

Part# Size NPT Description Rear Jet Degree: GPM PSI
IT-7560 3/4" Intruder 12°  60 2000
IT-7580 3/4" Intruder 12°  80 2000