Lateral Root Cutter Kits

Lateral Root Cutter Kits

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Lateral Root Cutter Kits. Root Cutter Kits contain "Supreme" saw blades, skids, wrenches, (2) exhaust orifices and tool box.  The Root Cutter Kits are designed to utilize a high torque and low RPM principal.  The units can operate from 35 to 80 GPM and do the best job when operated between 900 and 1500 PSI.  Available for use with 3/4" and 1" sewer cleaning hose.  For Skids only call for Part Numbers.

Available in: 

Part#  Description:
950-219 Lateral Root Cutter Motor and Tail Nozzle.
950-2000F Complete Mainline Kit with Concave Blades and Regular Skids.
950-2000C Complete Mainline Kit with Concave Blades and Wheeled Skids.
950-2000S Complete Mainline Kit with Flat Blades and Regular Skids.
950-2000NB Complete Mainline Kit with Flex Blades and Regular Skids.